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There are many great products on the market today utilizing the latest technology and appealing user interfaces. So how do you assess your current system/solution and determine whether it just needs a refresh, retraining, a renegotiation or it needs to be replaced? Is your vendor sunsetting all or part of its solution? MG Select has the experience and processes necessary to help you make this determination. If replacement is necessary, MG Select has a unique, proven and cost-effective approach that avoids the lengthy and ineffective RFP process and potential acquisition of vaporware, and results in total user buy-in, reduced selection costs and a significant discount of the vendor’s asking price. From assessing your needs through a series of meetings and user interviews to lining up the potential vendors, checking references, coordinating and scoring demos, assisting in the final selection, negotiating your contract and overseeing the vendor-client relationship, MG Select does all the heavy lifting. You keep doing what you do best and let us manage the selection process.


Transitioning to a new system can be both challenging and complex. MG Select has access to a large network of clinical and technical resources, as well as subject matter experts to assist. MG Select can manage the entire project and determine the best strategy for data extraction, historical data retention, migration of data to the new solution, staged timing of the transition and can negotiate a step-down service agreement with your current vendor.


Selecting your solution is just the beginning. Many organizations are not getting value from the systems they implement. Successful implementation and long-term adoption begin with establishing a vendor relationship. MG Select is your partner and liaison with your vendor. Let us help you broker the relationship for the best results.


Engaged leadership within your organization is key. Long-term success is largely dependent on the quality of your implementation, training and your initial setup decisions. MG Select is with you every step of the way. We partner with your internal implementation team and your leadership to provide guidance, oversight and project coordination. Let us eliminate barriers and help you avoid pitfalls to ensure successful implementation with a positive ROI.


Need assistance to augment your resources and keep your systems in great health? MG Select has access to a large network of experts across the country who provide long or short-term system administration and support services. We maintain your systems for optimal health and even coordinate support tickets with your vendor.


Do you need help optimizing your system usage? MG Select can help with that too. We have access to solution experts with domain knowledge in nearly every system.

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